The Importance of Being Me and Staying Sane

It’s been a month since the bleep hit fan and the adopted kid abruptly moved out without so much as goodbye or even a good riddance. It started with a misunderstanding that escalated in said child involving half the world in their web of deceit and lies that would almost destroy us as a family and what we believed in…who would have thought those actions would make the hubby and I view things differently about adoption, closed adoption and in between? Sadly it came to our attention said child was running their mouth stating “those people never really felt like my parents nor did they ever act like my parents…” the insults and lies still go on but who wants to continue posting unnecessary drama?? Not Me as I believe there is a time and a place to discuss very personal details about ones lives without involving others.

To be clear, said child was always treated like our own and never treated differently.

To state the obvious we went from a family of 6 to a family of 5 and although it still hurts, we soon realized life is much easier without the daily drama. With the help of great counseling we soon learned the implications of what it was like to raise a “troubled” child our way, a very tight-knit family, when said child’s mind was already programmed a different way due to their genes and previous upbringing.

So, how does one relax and try to move forward? By staying focused with our lives, caring for our children and more importantly getting lots of love and support from our very tight-knit immediate family and friends. Oh and start a blog at the request of a very dear friend who has a PhD in Psychology. She claims it will help me “unload” and vent…so here I am!!

This will be the first of many, many more postings to come and they will not be about loss no…They will also be about our daily life, knitting, sewing, picking up ballroom dancing again (if I can ever get a move on , LOL) and other things this stay-at-home-for-now Mother of 3 gets into 😀


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