An Eidetic Memory and being called “Hot”

Well my day just got even better when while on a conference call someone pointed out they found me having eidetic memory “hot like me”. The funny part is they didn’t even care let alone think this was inappropriate because they forgot they were on a phone call with me and 1 other person! While it made my day because I was called hot (I think they need to start wearing glasses) it somewhat amused me because this came from someone who is very reserved and isn’t known to blurt something like this out. After the conference was over they called back to apologize for their comment, who cares? They made my day!

Ironically having eidetic memory or photographic memory has its pros and cons.

The pros are remembering conversations that happened years ago, people, places, things, details…so much!

The cons are some people think this is weird so you are automatically tagged as a weirdo 😦

The are a number of things I wish I would forget…fortunately for me I don’t act anything like Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory πŸ™‚ nor am I a fraction of how smart he is πŸ™‚






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